Back to the place where it all began
It’s the time, the time to start again
Through the fire and back into the lion’s den

Where was voice? Was it ever there?
Where were your friends? Did they ever care?
What was the stand? Did you stand strong?
What was the purpose? Did you really belong?

You never belong

You’ll never fall again, if you follow me
I’ll follow you and put you right where you need to be
I’ll cut you deep and spread you wide
I’ll burn the places you used to hide
Belong to me and I’ll fight for you
Belong to me, forget what was taught to you
Believe in me and i’ll make you strong
We like the taste of blood that doesn’t make us wrong

You never belong
You never belong
You never belong
You never belong

You’re in need of some restraint
The final cut relieves the pain
A stronger hand to lead the way
A stronger bed for you to lay